Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stage check for PPL checkride

Today I had a chance to fly with our chief instructor today to get his sign-off and blessing to take the private pilot checkride. We did short and soft field take-off and landings, flew over to the practice area for some steep turns (he should me a cool, hands-off-the-yoke, steep turn using trim), then did some slow flight and stalls, power-off and power-on. He then demostrated a steep spiral to simulate what the sight picture would be like in a spin and how to get out using opposite rudder. We then headed down to 1000' agl to perform some turns across a road and around a point. Lastly, we went back to Zeli to simulate and engine out 2000' above the aiport and the subsequent spiral down to a dead stick landing. Overall he was happy with the performance and I received the thumbs up to get on with the checkride.