Saturday, July 30, 2011

#Oshkosh2011 - our trusty GPS

confirms we are now over a large body of water!

#Oshkosh2011 - leaving the western shore of Lake Michigan heading home

#Oshkosh2011 - the legendary WWII veteran and test pilot Bob Hoover

#Oshkosh2011 - Center stage at AirVenture

#Oshkosh2011 - World's busiest control tower

#Oshkosh2011 - a line of Stearmen

#Oshkosh2011 - P-51s ready for action

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asli's first flight

My niece Asli was in town visiting from Istanbul a few weeks ago. Asli was interning at a children's school during her visit and was spending some time with us. She even got to meet up with friends she had made who were visiting Istanbul from Pittsburgh and who happen to live nearby. Always wanting to introduce general aviation to people who have not yet experienced the thrill of flying, I asked her if she wanted to try flying one of the days. Charlie, as always, wanted to come along as well. On our first attempt we were rained out and had to wait a week for solid weather. Finally a great day came, a Saturday none-the-less. No wind, lots of sun, and and an early start made for a smooth ride. Asli loved it (at least that's what she told me out loud), and even handled the controls for quite a while. She did a great job!

Asli and Charlie - ready for action

Beautiful Western PA countryside

Chaz, soaking in the view

Self portrait at 3,000'

Turning final for 35 at Zeli