Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wired tribute to the DC-3

Just posting a nice writeup on this venerable aircraft by Wired magazine. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FlightPrep - stop the madness

As expected, FlightPrep's (from now on known as "the trolls") patent lawsuit escapade is becoming quite the quixotic parody of trying to extract blood out of a stone. Not only does their ridiculous patent stifle innovation but it flys in the face of what general aviation is all about, the community. Two exemplary services that I, and many others, have benefited from greatly, RunwayFinder and Nacomatic, have now shut down due to legal threat from FlightPrep, sorry, the Trolls. I'm sure others, *cough* *cough* AOPA, Jeppesen*cough* *cough* may be hearing from the Trolls soon, however at the moments, they seem to be picking on those without deep pockets. I think the Trolls are failing to realize that they are now doing themselves much more harm, to both their reputation and their bottom line, than they will gain from their legal Troll actions. Their open letter to the community is quite frankly full of drivel and is flatly, a joke. John Ewing is much more eloquent in his thoughts regarding the situation. A second post here. These are sad days for the aviation technology community.

edit 12/20/2010
RunwayFinder is fighting back. Please support RunwayFinder!

edit 12/21/2010
And another bites the dust. A heavily used and loved website, NavMonster, has now also shut down. Here are the words from the founder:

"Due to the litigious environment that we live in today, NavMonster is no longer in operation. I make little to no money off this site, and have neither the time, resources, nor money to defend myself against absurd patents. You just shouldn't be able to patent common sense and good programming skills, but sadly someone has. Best of luck to those that stay in the fight
I need to make one thing perfectly clear: By closing this site, I give up the fight, but by no means do I admit any wrongdoing.
Want to own and operate your own flight planning web site? NavMonster is available for purchase. Inquiries are welcomed
Marc Alexander
Dec 20, 2010

Link here for the curious."