Wednesday, July 16, 2008

IFR Lesson #1

Last Tuesday I began the road down to what will hopefully culminate in an IFR ticket. I'm teaming back up again with the 1-2 combination of Mike Woods and "my" trusty 152, N89549. Arriving at the airport, Mike already had the plane on the taxiway pretty much ready to go. Mike is basically living at the airport when he isn't doing his other job. After a quick brief of the flight and a taxi/run-up we were ready to roll. Mike immediately had me don the foggles for a zero zero takoff and then forgot I had them on during the takeoff roll and then started "wondering" out loud why I wandering off the runway... Ok, so the zero zero takeoff needs work.

Our plan was to do the VOR RWY 3 approach at Franklin (FKL). We decided we would fly direct to the V30 airway, proceed East to the PEREA intersection and turn left inbound on the 190 radial of the Franklin VOR. After that, follow the approach chart and land the sucker. On the way there we practiced climbs, both constant airspeed and vertical speed, turns to headings, and straight and level flight. Well of course I got busy and missed PEREA. So Mike showed me how to properly turn around and then we proceed inbound after a RIGHT turn from PEREA. On the approach now we decended through the FAF at FARGE and a bit further, Mike let me take the foggles off and I could see I was about 1/4 mile the right of the runway. Better luck next time.

On the way back to Zeli we did the GPS approach to runway 17. It was interesting to take off the foggles, it now being night time, even with the runway right in front of you, it makes for a challenging landing. Well, I can say I'm hooked on IFR, unfortunately, so that means more money and more time. But, hey, it keeps me off the streets...