Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This past Saturday, it was actually a gorgeous January day, about 55 degrees, low winds, and partly cloudy. I wanted to give Emel a little break from the kids, so I took them both up to the airport, with the intentions of going to Greenville, PA (4G1) where they have a great little FBO with cool airplane related toys, children's books and pilot supplies. 4G1 also has a nice grass runway which can make for something a little different with respect to the T/Os and ldgs. We arrived at the airport and of course Virginia decided she needed to visit the bathroom immediately. She also announced she felt a little car sick from the ride.

Both Virginia and Charlie were still really excited to go as always, Charlie more the Virginia however for the most part. I started the process of getting ready for the 25 minute hop. I'm actually starting to get pretty efficient with flying with the kids. I now basically get the airplane all set up for them; car seats in place, backpacks with their books, toys, etc. in within reach, and their headsets set up and ready to go. Then I get them strapped in and go on with the preflight. After preflighting the 172SP we were taking, I pulled it out of the hanger with them perched in their car seats (they love that part), and then hopped in and got the engine started. The kids were both in great moods, chirping away and discussing what the "toy" store at Greenville would be like.

The airport was just buzzing that day with people in the pattern and on the ground. It was great. We taxied to the beginning of runway 17 and I performed the run-up. The aircraft was performing flawlessly. I then waited for a Cherokee on final to land and clear off the runway. I was about to announce departure, when Virginia starting wailing in the back seat. I turned around, brakes still on hold, and asked what was wrong? She stated that her tummy was upset. I immediately said to her, "No problem hon, we'll just turn around and head back to the hanger". Well that set off Charlie in the front seat, because he just loves flying, and once he heard we were turning around, he started protesting as best his three year old body would let him.

Of course I turned around and parked the 172 back in it's hanger. Paid for the 2/10 on the hobbs to taxi out and head back, and got the kids shuttled back into the truck. I was a little frustrated yet, but on the other hand, at least we were still on the ground safe. Anyway, a trip to the airport, is still a trip to the airport regardless :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flying over a cloud deck, mid-state PA

Not a real post, but just wanted to put up a video showing one of the real pleasures of flying small aircraft; the intimacy with the world several thousand feet above the ground.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'll take two

Fly the Su-27 for 10 hours and you could buy a 172 with the gas money. But then again, if you're buying an Su-27, it is likely you are probably not too concerned about your financial situation...


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