Sunday, July 5, 2015

Aero Glass

It has been forever since I last posted. Have not been doing much interesting flying lately but have been at least staying current. I'm in the market for a new ADS-B device and in looking around saw these new "augmented reality" glasses concept for pilots from Aero Glass (no word on when the actual product will be released). Looks very cool, perhaps a bit too much "augmentation" but I would guess can be configured to your liking. Reminds me of Google glasses. See for yourselves in the video.

from the company:
Augmented Reality meets Synthetic Vision and is the next big step in safety and information for pilots. Aero Glass provides a unique turnkey solution addressing pilots' need to properly visualize terrain, navigation, traffic (ADS-B), instrument, weather, and airspace information with access to vital safety procedures and protocols, without the requirement of inspecting instruments, phone or iPad. Using Google Glass, Epson and other Head-Mounted Displays, Aero Glass is the first to bring Augmented Reality to pilots providing an unparalleled 3D, 360° experience in the cockpit. When combined with an iLevil, the Glasses have access to reliable GPS, ADS-B weather and Traffic, and the un-matched AHRS reliability that Levil provides. When using the iLevil AHRS, Aero Glass will display the actual attitude of your airplane, versus the attitude of your head (when using internal gyros of the glasses). For more information Go to