Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Geo-Referenced Approach Charts Free on FltPlan Go

Passing on this huge announcement from They are now offering free geo-referenced approach plates and taxi diagrams! I have used FltPlan Go in the past, and while they have some usability work to go, at this point it could be considered a viable replacement for Foreflight.


Geo-Referenced Approach Charts Free on FltPlan Go
In addition to our Geo-Referenced Taxi Charts, FltPlan Go now has Geo-Referenced Approach Charts for the entire U.S.

Our apps and our digital charts are completely free.

To download FltPlan Go, go to Apple's iTunes Store. 


N738QN said...

Did you notice that they are also offering a very cleverly designed pilot check-list on the app? I find the interface to be quite usable.

Craig Gomulka said...

I did not see that feature but thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this app. I am a "poor" pilot and don't have all the cash for all the different subscription app. I literally leaned how to use an EFB on this app. I have been using it for a year. I have tried the other "free trials" of the other subscription services. I deleted them immediately. I actually like fltplan GO better !

Craig Gomulka said...

I really like's flight planning and filing capabilities. They just take some time to get used to.