Friday, August 8, 2014

FltPlan Go app now iPhone compatible as well

As some readers may know, I am a fan of using and Fltplan's iPad application for flight planning and in-flight navigation. Fltplan has just released their new iPhone capable companion app. As with the iPad app, the iPhone app is free and does not require a subscription. As a bonus, I have found that flight planning with is extremely efficient with a no-nonsense user experience once you get the hang of it. more from

More and more of our users are relying on our free FltPlan Go apps for iPad and Android. Now we’ve got iPhone users covered, too, with our new FltPlan Go for iPhone app. FltPlan Go for iPhone has most of the same functionality as our tablet apps, all in your pocket. Look for features such as:
  • Rubber banding for flight planning
  • Ability to create and edit routes offline
  • Breadcrumbs - leaves a trail of where you have been on the screen
  • XM - WX capabilities from Baron Weather
  • Geo-Referenced Taxi Charts
  • Geo-Referenced IFR Approach Charts
  • Helicopter Routes, TAC Charts
  • Graphical SUAs (Special Use Airspace) for offline use
  • Multiple binders for easy access to the info you need
  • Ability to save notes and highlight on multiple Approach Charts
  • Enhanced FBO information
  • Current fuel prices
Like our other apps, FltPlan Go for iPhone is free. Download it from iTunes App Store.

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